Transactional Analysis


It may be a cliché, but the old adage "the customer is always right" holds as true today as it has ever done. Even when the customer is wrong!

Service industries in particular must strive to keep their customers feeling valued, nurtured and listened to. After all, these are the very people that pay your wages. Nothing harms your bottom line more than having members of staff with poor people skills on your front line.

OK, so the person on the other end of the phone may not have read the manual and is trying to feed a CD into the floppy drive, but adopting a parental and scolding tone will squander any fond thoughts your clients may have had towards you.

Remember, if a customer has a good experience he will tell five people, if he has a bad one, he will tell twenty.

With this simple, short test you can quickly gauge the relatability of your staff and be made aware of any potential 'rough edges'. This valuable insight could mean the difference between dwindling income and a growing business.

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