Transactional Analysis


Anyone who has undergone teacher training in the last 20 years will be aware of three key qualities that all good teachers possess.

  1. know your subject inside out
  2. be organised and prepared
  3. above all - love your students

This may come as a surprise to anyone educated under the classic conditions of a didactic patriarch barking orders from the front of a rigid grid of desks. But, times change.

The process by which a pupil learns new information is, at its fundamental level, a physiological one. Recent research has demonstrated that when the body is flooded with stress hormones, the brain's ability to form new neural pathways is severely impaired.

The ideal environment for learning to take place is one in which a student feels valued, nurtured and permitted to make mistakes. While it is key for a teacher to be able to exert his or her authority to preserve order in the classroom, it is critical this is done in a way students are not put on the defensive or are caused to retire from participation.

This simple test will give you an overview of your personality type and its suitability for teaching. Pay special attention to the breakdown between critical and nurturing elements.

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